MIX – Chapter 3 Released!

And here we go, first time releasing on the blog! MIX 3 is up for grabs on the usual places, which means you can head to Nyaa and get the chapter through torrent or view it online on batoto. Check the sidebar on the right for links.

Related to this chapter, a few notes:

– We noticed things might be a bit ‘confusing’ for some of the names, because while in japanese it‘s easy to see when Otomi refers to her biological father and to her stepfather, it’s not as easy to convey that in english. As such, every instance where she talks about “father”, she’s actually referring to Touma’s dad, her stepfather. On the same vein, if she talks about “Dad” or any other more intimate way of addressing a parent, you can assume she’s referring to her late, biological father. The same goes for Touma, where “Mother” refers to his stepmother, whereas “Mom” would be an indication of his late mother. However, something to note is that being a teeanger guy who gets along well with his father, he likes to call him “oyaji” (old man). The issue is that Souichirou also seems to treat his stepfather as “the old man”, and doesn’t go for “mom”, so his real mother is just that, “mother” to him. So, in this particular case you’ll have to rely a lot more on context to understand properly who is who. I hope this isn’t all too confusing, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to help.

– On pages 13 and 14, Otomi makes a joke with Touma’s name, calling him “Tou-chan”, while telling him to stop complaining about her stepfather. This (Tou-chan) is one cute way of referring to your father, so she’s basically doing one of those characteristic Adachi wordplays here. We thought about going for “Toudad”, but it sounded pretty dumb and in the end, we kept it as is.

And that’s all for today!

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Welcome, Adachi fans!

So, after seeing a ton of people simply clueless on where to find our MIX releases, we thought it’d be a good idea to have some sort of website to keep in touch with fans and, well, make everyone’s life a bit easier. We’ve been releasing our stuff mainly on Batoto and on Nyaatorrents, and will probably keep on doing so, but now we’ll also drop a post here whenever a new chapter is released. I’ve come to notice that the manga community as a whole does not check Nyaa regularly, so hopefully the website will be a good way to fix that. Other than that, keep an eye for some Adachi/MIX related news, should they pop up.

And… I guess that’s it for today. If you’re looking for the first two chapters, check the sidebar on the right for download links. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys MIX as much as we do, and long live Adachi!


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