MIX Chapter 7 Released!

Another month, another new MIX chapter! This week continues off our two brother’s story and was basically a slower chapter, but still quite funny. Gotta love how Adachi keeps adding ways of advertising his stuff over the pages, and I made sure to typeset it so that it wouldn’t be missed, lol. Anyhow! A few things we’d like to clear up, especially since some of them were mentioned in the comments section:

– Regarding the Tankoubon releases, we’re not doing it. It’s not that we don’t like the series or anything, it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable enough to clean/typeset and everything else for a “HQ” release. I realize my skill level is probably good enough for a quick read each month, but I think the tanks deserve better, so if anyone more experienced out there wants to do it but doesn’t have access to the/a translation, feel free to ask us and we’ll gladly offer up the .txt for each chapter.

– Related to this month’s chapter, you’ll probably notice some pages have small blurs on the edges of some panels. Unfortunately, the scans were, well, ripped over there, and I didn’t really have any clue of what could be made other than erasing bits of the image, which I didn’t feel comfortable to do. They’re not really big or anything, but I guess it’s worth mentioning anyhow.

– Lastly, and I’m mentioning this not because I want to be an asshat to the guy, but people have been pointing out on Twitter to me that some guy kept going on MangaHelpers/JCafe and saying bad things about our releases, such as a lot of grammar errors and no cleaning whatsoever, but hardly providing examples etc. We’re all doing our best to bring you guys the chapters as quickly as possible — and with a good translation, since I trust my buddy enough on that front. We’re not native english speakers, however, so sometimes I realize that some sentences might sound a bit awkward. But if so, and in case it’s actually something you feel uncomfortable with, please use the comments section to speak up. We’re listening, and any constructive criticism is appreciated.

With all that said, the chapter’s up on the usual places, and you can find it by checking the ‘Downloads’ sidebar. Cheers!

November 11, 2012 at 03:30 Comments (19)