MIX Chapter 9 Released!

It’s alive! My situation’s still as bad as it was when the month begun, but thankfully there are some very good people in this world and, thus, the chapter was worked on despite me not being able to work on it this month! So, first things first: huge thanks to Savino who volunteered to typeset this month’s chapter! I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it, especially seeing as he seems to be a much more experienced guy at this than yours truly here, haha.

As always, head to the sidebar and select your prefered way to grab/read it! Until next month, when, hopefully, I’ll be back with a brand new PC. Maybe! Don’t miss out the next episode of this amazing drama, haha.

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Looking for Typesetter and IRC channel

Hey everyone, posting this to inform we’re still looking for someone to help us typeset MIX, it would probably be temporary until our usual typesetter gets a new job/PC. So if you have some free time, experience and want to see MIX released as much as we do, please do join us. We don’t require anything fancy like redrawing whole pages, so it’s fine if you can’t do those things, really.

And since we figured there was no easy way to contact us, we went ahead and created an IRC channel: #tenko @ irc.rizon.net. So feel free to join the channel even if it’s just to iddle or ask us when is the next chapter coming out.

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Update on MIX 9 and some other stuff

Hi, hope everyone’s doing great. Posting to give you a quick status update on this month’s chapter. It’s basically been translated and edited, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to work on the pages until Monday, at best. The long story short is that 2013 hasn’t been a very good year so far, lol. My PC’s motherboard fried, and at the same time I received news that I’m not sure whether the place I work at will continue to operate, so I’m basically waiting for a decision regarding my job before dishing out the money for a new machine. With that in mind, I won’t have any access to a PC until Monday, so that’s the earliest we’re looking at for a release. If all else fails, though, I’ll dig someone up to help out this month, just so the chapter won’t be delayed too much. So, yeah, I apologize for the delay and hopefully we’ll get back to you guys sooner rather than later.

Also, little bit of a tease, I know we said we wouldn’t do anything else, but apparently my buddy who’s responsible for translating fell in love with another series (not Adachi, though!) and wants to get it released, since no one’s doing it and he says it’s incredibly good. I won’t give out the name because it wouldn’t be a tease otherwise, but know it is sci-fi-ish and is currently being published as a monthly series. Should be enough to figure out? haha. Expect more news about it once I get my situation sorted out!


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