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MIX Chapter 11 Released!

So, sorry everyone for the huge delay, but life took over once again and things got this way! Between the translator being lazy and me changing jobs yet again, to something that pays a bit more but has me working more hours, things have been pretty crazy around here! That said though, here’s MIX 11 for all of you, and 12’s already translated, so I’ll try to get around to it today and release it later! No promises, though, haha.

Enjoy the chapter, and just know that “Sumikou”, for those that watched the anime subtitled, is actually “Sumi Tech”. We kept the japanese to not create any inconsistencies with the rest of the translations, but some people might not make the connection, so I’m posting it here. Also, enjoy the VERY FAMILIAR FACE that shows up this chapter! Gotta say Touch fans should be really happy with it, haha.

As always, you can click the downloads bar right there and pick your favourite way to read the chapter. Til next time, which should be soon, and cheers!

May 11, 2013 at 12:56
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    Worth the wait!!! Thank you !!

  • May 11, 2013 at 13:21oriberu

    Very nice chapter. Seems like the brothers needed that little display to get some perspective, especially Touma. I loved how Otomi expected the worst of the Coach at the end of the chapter, even with his innocuous gesture; it shows how partisan she is for her brothers.

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    Thanks alot for the new chapter!

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    Thank you so much from France

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    Thank you. No worries about delays. I’m sure most of us are just appreciative of MIX being scanlated at all.

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