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Qualia the Purple Chapter 02 Released!

What is this madness? Already more Qualia? You bet! This came about in a twist of fate where my buddy decided to translate not one, but two chapters in the same day! 03 is still awaiting for editing and what not, so it might take a bit, but who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the weekend. Anyway, this came about to being after we saw how everyone over the Internet really enjoyed the first chapter. This includes our yuri lover bros at 4chan who were doubting our ability to deliver (lol). It’s surprising, and somewhat funny, to be honest, that Qualia 1 managed to pull almost the same number of people to our website than our most popular “day”, when MIX 11 and 12 came out one after the other. Unknown Tsunashima manga with lesbians rivaling one of the most famous mangaka of all time? You bet!

Anyhow, one particular user messaged us on Batoto saying Murasakiiro would be more akin to ‘Violet’ than ‘Purple’, and he does have a point there. However, we went with ‘Qualia the Purple’ because that’s how the authors ended up calling it. It’s certainly engrish-y, but hey, just like Attack on Titan, I’d say it has… its own charm, lol. But anyway, it was an interesting point, because Violet could definitely be seen as a ‘rarer’ shade of purple, which probably would fit well with how mesmerizing and uncommon Yukari’s eyes are.

Also, still about the title, “Qualia the Purple” is quite ENGRISHY as I said above. Qualia, for those of you who don’t know it, is basically a term used in philosophy that refers to inidividual instances of subjective, conscious experience. Or so Wiki says. Basically, think about it as a term that refers to how each thing seems to each individual. If we were to make an actual translation of the title, it’d be “Purple Qualia”, or, more accurately, “Violet Qualia”. I’m unsure if people think this warrants a v2 of the first two chapters myself, but hey, comment away? haha.

And enough talk! Head over to the sidebar, pick your preferred method of reading and enjoy more Qualia. Until next time, cheers!

May 21, 2013 at 01:54
  • May 21, 2013 at 02:00lolman

    Hahaha, it was fast! Thank you 😀

    “Unknown Tsunashima manga with lesbians rivaling one of the most famous mangaka of all time? You bet!” lolololol xD. Mix is my favorite tenko project, but Qualia the Purple has its own charm 😛

  • May 21, 2013 at 09:31T1


    Well, I can wait. I read the first 2 vols. It’s awesome. I was thinking of making a group (well we started putting stuff together already) to get this manga scanlated cuz it’s worth it. Vol 2 is mindblast. I love how she manages all that cuz of her “gift”, heh.


    It’s surprising and great that you people took up this title. I don’t read mix but Adachi and this title is totally different. Still, as I told my friend yesterday. It doesn’t matter what genre, as long as it’s great it should be scanlated.

    Thanks and keep up the great work^^

    /me goes back to hire translators and editors for his own group~

  • May 21, 2013 at 11:26Tenko

    Hah, thanks, guys. And T1, yeah, this and MIX (Adachi overall) really are completely different. Starting with the plot, all the way up to how how much text it has, haha. Our translator has it rough, although myself typesetting it don’t find any slack like in Adachi’s full pages without any dialogue etc!

    Still, we ended up picking it up because the translator bought vol1 and 2 on a whim. He said he liked vol 1, but 2 absolutely blew his mind. And that’s how the ball got rolling, I suppose! Got to say I’m really enjoying it so far, so when I’m rather curious for when Vol.2 rolls around!

  • May 22, 2013 at 20:26T1

    Just wait til the last chapter of vol 2. That will really blow your mind. I love how the author made a semi-okay title and then went full throttle and people loved it. I can’t wait for vol 3 because that’s when you get to see what the main char is going to do after reaching the starting line at the end of vol 2. I won’t say more cuz it will just spoil but keep enjoying it, we (me and your tl) can guarantee you that you will loved it to madness xD

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