Qualia the Purple Chapter 12 Released!

This took longer than expected. Our guy who usually writes theses posts isn’t around, he seemingly disappeared after acquiring Fire Emblem Awakening, so blame Nintendo if you have to blame someone. Anyway, there’s not much to say, just head to the download link and enjoy it.

Batoto isn’t up yet, and is awaiting approval. No one around has a contributor account. It’s now up.

PS: Might as well mention Triggerology has been releasing more Mix chapters, he’s up to Chapter 4 and we’ve linked them in the download page.

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MIX Chapter 01 [Tankoubon] Released!

A surprise, in the truest meaning of this word, since even I was caught slightly off-guard by this development! A few days ago Triggerology from Trigger Scans entered in contact with us, asking if he could use our translation to release the Tankoubon versions of MIX. Seeing as I am not really an experienced cleaner and had already said we’d be fine with whoever wanted to take up the project, we had no objections about it. Thus, he’s completed chapter 1 and we’re pretty happy to say it’s out there for all Adachi fans alike.

Seeing as Trigger’s the one doing the actual “work” for the tanks, I can’t say when the next one should be out, but be sure to give it a read as it looks miles better than the magazine scans. And feel free to drop a word of appreciation for his work :v

Also, for the Qualia fans, Moogy has translated chapter 12, and I *should* be able to work on it tomorrow. Last chapter (11) marked the end of the tankoubon raws, too, so expect the quality to drop a little. The scans aren’t really bad, though, but there’s some slightly annoying seethrough in a few pages that can’t be helped.

Anyhow, as usual, head to the sidebar on the right and pick your preferred way of reading it! ‘Til next time, cheers!

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