MIX Chapter 19 Released!

All speed aheaaaaaaaaaad, lol. The stars must be perfectly aligned because we all managed to get some work done and as such here is MIX 19. Game continues, and I found myself thinking about just how familiar this whole chapter felt. It’s classic Adachi baseball, and even though he’s been doing for decades, it never gets old, because I still find myself laughing at the jokes all the time. Truly timeless entertainment here!

Anyhow, I heard from Arnastia that he won’t be able to translate 20 til saturday, so expect it sometime during next week if everything goes well? Other than that, head to the sidebar, pick your prefered method of reading and, as always, enjoy! ‘Til next time, cheers!

January 28, 2014 at 20:48 Comments (15)

MIX Chapter 18 Released!

Well, here we are again. It definitely wasn’t next week as previously promised, but I guess at this point you guys are more than used to us breaking whatever it was that we previously said, lol. Sorry about that! Anyhow, here’s MIX 18, better late than never!

As for a status update, I’ll be honest. This took forever because, as previously explained, my friend who used to translate MIX (and who started Qualia before Moogy came in) basically stopped translating. He’s busy/lazy, and then again I can’t really force anyone to work on stuff they don’t feel like. Thankfully, we also got another translator for MIX, Arnastia, who’s been helping out a ton and had already translated 17 before. We had the translation for 18 ready for a few weeks now, but since we fell behind, overall laziness caught on to everyone and things took a while to get done. I’m also guilty of that, because every other day when I get back from work I just feel like chilling and kept postponing working on the chapter. Still, MIX will continue, and I really do intend to try to catch up as soon as possible, because everytime we sit on stuff it just means we fall further and further behind, and then we get even more lazy. 22 comes out in february and I’d love to have 21 released before then… so, I’ll try. No promises, though!

As for Qualia, here things do get a bit more complicated. I can’t translate, and unlike Adachi stuff, Qualia’s text is on a whole different level. It’s not just anyone that can grab a series like that and deliver a quality translation, and seeing as both of our translators for the series are pretty much not doing anywork for an indefinite amount of time, I just can’t tell what’s going to happen to it. It’s not “dropped”, but I’m not going to lie — think of it as being stalled, at the very least. Seeing as releasing a low quality translation isn’t an option for us, unless someone qualified shows up and is willing to finish the series, I can’t comment on when/whether more Qualia will happen.

And… I guess that’s pretty much it, for now. As usual, head to the sidebar, pick your prefered method of reading and have fun. Oh, and since I almost forgot, it’s been so long that we’re on a new year! So, happy new year to everyone out there who reads our stuff! ‘Til next time, cheers!

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