MIX Chapters 36, 37 and 38 Released!

So, let’s say that the number ‘3’ is very important for this post. It’s important because, this month, we’re getting not one, not two, but THREE entirely new MIX chapters out! Which is still less than one chapter per week if we actually stop and look at things that way, but let’s not do it for the sake of keeping this positive, okay? I mean, it’s thrice as much MIX as we’ve been able to deliver in the last few months, so time to celebrate!

Now, on the other hand, the number 3 is also a dangerous number. Because DARK SOULS 3. Dark Souls 3 is coming out and I’ve already been told some of our few staff members will have, in their words, their ‘life consumed by it’. So we might take a bit more for the next chapter. And then we might not. Who knows!

All jokes aside, though, I hope y’all enjoy these three, and we’re gonna do our best to get more out as soon as possible. I personally really liked the stuff in this batch, and while there isn’t really a lot of development in the sports side of things, it feels like Adachi was on a roll with his sense for comedy. Some hilarious jokes, and also a bunch of great one-liners. Some chapters I even though that he must’ve had a hard time picking exactly what line he’d want to use as the title for it, because they were packed with witty remarks.

As usual, head to the sidebar and pick your preferred method of reading it! ‘Til next time, cheers!

April 11, 2016 at 22:36 Comments (19)