MIX Chapter 17 Released [and other things]

So, hi. First of all, apologize for the sudden disappearance, but life took over for some of us and then games took over life and basically things didn’t happen for a while. MIX is back up and running, because even though my buddy and translator #1 is out of comission being a bum and playing games, another guy stepped up to the plate and is helping is out. Shout out to qiro for the translation of this chapter (and probably the next two as well, lol). I intend to have MIX 18 ready by next weekend at most, and 19 should be popping up on the Internet sometime around this week and the next, so hopefully we’ll be caught up with the most recent release in Japan before the end of november. At least that’s my plan, since I really don’t want to let the project die, as I love Adachi and I think this is a pretty great series.

As for those who are waiting for more Qualia, here’s the thing. Moogy, who’s the translator, has also been bitten by the videogame bug or something, and just like our other translator can’t quite find the time to work on anything. Unfortunately, though, seeing as the text in Qualia is very high-level stuff, we don’t feel at ease finding just any other translator, and to ensure that the translation itself will be the best it can possibly be we’re all waiting. Moogy says he intends to translate more, but at this time he feels like waiting for the tankoubon release for the third and final volume to come out, because the magazine scans we were using were just really bad. I mean, they might’ve sufficed if I could actually do cleaning properly, but… yeah. So, sorry, but basically I’ve got no real estimate for when the next Qualia is coming out — just know that it isn’t dropped.

Anyhow, back to MIX, you know the drill. Head to the sidebar and pick your preferred method of reading it. MF is still not up, but we’ll update it as soon as possible. ‘Til next time, cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 13 Released!

Aaaaaaaaaaand here’s it, guys. We’d like to apologize for all the delays and what not, but basically happened. Moogy became obsessed with Kiseki and wouldn’t translate, I’m basically kinda obsessed with Symphogear (and then working) too and… well, stuff wasn’t getting done! After a while Moogy did TL 13, but I wasn’t avaible, so Vodka came around to the rescue once again, and lo and behold, here’s Qualia 13.

As usual, head to the sidebar to pick your preferred method of reading it and enjoy! I’m not sure when 14 will follow, but let it be known that the series is now over, actually, with 18 being the last one. So, another 5 to go! ‘Til next time!

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MIX and Qualia update

Hi hi. Thought I’d drop by to give a little status update on things, seeing as we’ve been (very) slow on releases lately. Basically, MIX 15’s been translated but it’s waiting for editing and what not, because I’ve been relatively busy this last week. New freelancer job on top of my other job, and things of course never go smoothly on your first week, so it’s been quite a crazy ride. I’ll try to get it done throughout this week, though, promise!

As for Qualia, no new chapters have been translated yet, seeing as Moogy started a crazy Sora no Kiseki marathon, which, given how good Sora no Kiseki is, turned into a full-fledged Kiseki marathon, aiming to play all of the released ones up to Ao no Kiseki before the new entry in the series, Sen no Kiseki, comes out in September 26th. I reckon whenever he gets around Ao no Kiseki more Qualia should follow soon-ish.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. Last but not least, I’m not sure if many of you guys like Nana Mizuki, but I sure do, and I also love Touch. So this performance of Touch’s first opening song by the original singer, Yoshimi Iwasaki, and Nana Mizuki is totally recommended. And til next time, cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 12 Released!

This took longer than expected. Our guy who usually writes theses posts isn’t around, he seemingly disappeared after acquiring Fire Emblem Awakening, so blame Nintendo if you have to blame someone. Anyway, there’s not much to say, just head to the download link and enjoy it.

Batoto isn’t up yet, and is awaiting approval. No one around has a contributor account. It’s now up.

PS: Might as well mention Triggerology has been releasing more Mix chapters, he’s up to Chapter 4 and we’ve linked them in the download page.

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 11 Released!

Well, long story short, I’m on college break now, so I woke up with nothing to do and decided to work on this, haha. That said, this chapter is also pretty damn awesome, and has some great moments of Tsunashima art. Also, we’ve finally caught up with the backlog of TL’d scripts Moogy had prepared, so that means the next one’s now depending on him. He said he’d get back to it soon though, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Also, no notes for this chapter from Moogy! So, without further ado, feel free to head to the sidebar and pick your preferred way of reading it. ‘Til next time, cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapters 09 & 10 Released!

A double release! I had to jump in and help Vodka out this week in order for us to have this, because honestly, I guess the Qualia fans out there would blow up having to wait a few days/a week after the ending of chapter 9! That said, these are two really badass chapters, and the story is starting to take shape!

As usual since Moogy took over the translation for Qualia, he has some stuff to say in his TL notes. They are below for your reading pleasure.

They kind of cut out a lot from the novel in this and the previous chapter, there’s a bunch of stuff about Alice and another conversation Manabu has with herself that aren’t shown in the manga at all.

Important stuff mentioned is that Alice was the daughter of a drug addict who got mixed up with a cult and was treated as a “demon child” until JAUNT found her. The concept of the human brain as a quantum computer is also brought up, which is somewhat important later on.

It also mentions that Manabu’s energy is used to power the phone and she needs to recharge after she uses it, so she keeps a bag of sweets handy in her room at all times.

Also, in page 27 of Chapter 10, the line “Don’t worry about it… Now, this goes for me, too, but isn’t this your second phone call today?” doesn’t make a lot of sense, seeing as they still have to reveal the fact that Gaku needs to “charge” her cellphone.

Not a lot of them this time around. With that out of the way, feel free to head to the sidebar and pick your preferred way of reading it. Enjoy the chapters and ’til next time! Cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 08 Released!

This took a while, huh? Even though the team got bigger, truth is I’ve been lazying around because of finals (and now Danganronpa, since the TL patch came out — if you own a PSP, grab the game and enjoy it!), haha. Anyway, as pointed out in our last blog post regarding Qualia, this chapter will be the first one featuring Moogy’s translation. He’s really pumped about doing it, given he really loved the book, so I hope everyone will have a good time with Qualia all the same, and enjoy this quite unique story!

Marking his debut, Moogy typed some notes about this chapter and the series overall, which I’ll be sharing below. I guess you should all expect more stuff like this in the future (lol).

Hello, everyone, this is Moogy, the new translator for Qualia. I’m sure many people are already familiar with me so I’ll skip the introductions and get straight to my notes.

First off, I’d like to talk about the book. If you’re not aware, Qualia the manga is an adaptation of a light novel released in 2009, written by Ueo Hisamitsu with art by Tsunashima Shirou. It didn’t see much success among the usual light novel fanbase, but it is perhaps unique among LNs in that it found critical acclaim from a number of mainstream literary publications and a few well-known science fiction authors, even ranking in on top 10 list of must-read SF novels for 2009. Nearly all of this praise is directed at the second chapter of the book, or volume 2 (chapter 7) and onward of the manga, and over the next few chapters I think you’ll start figuring out why. Qualia is an SF story at its core, with a great deal of fairly advanced concepts used to advance the plot, and readers who expect it to remain the same sort of story as they saw in the first chapter (chapters 1-6 of the manga) will probably end up being put off by it. It’s also worth noting that, to my knowledge, all of the scientific explanations (read: walls of text about quantum mechanics) featured in Qualia are accurate, and I’ve consulted a bit with a grad student working in quantum to make sure I have all of the wording and terminology down. If you’re used to terrible usage science, especially quantum theory, in fiction (Muvluv Alternative, anyone?), I think you just might be pleasantly surprised by Qualia.

Also, about the title – Tenko has been using “Qualia the Purple,” which is an Engrish title provided by the manga. The original title is Murasaki-iro no Qualia, and I would choose to release it under this title if I were doing it from the beginning. Just be aware that the actual translation is simply something along the lines of “Purple Qualia” – i.e., qualia is not being used as a proper noun.

Finally, as far as the actual chapter release goes, I have two things to note.
For those of you out there too lazy to Google, the Bester novel that Alice mentions is The Stars My Destination, which has a vaguely similar plot to Qualia. Check it out if you’re interested.
On page 10 (Qualia_Chapter_08_pg10), I’ve used the term “Super Unified Theory,” which is a direct translation of the Japanese term 超大統一理論. After some research, I’ve concluded that this term is not in widespread usage in English, so I really probably should have just removed this description, but I kept it for completion’s sake. In other words, don’t be alarmed; the author isn’t making shit up. It’s just a term exclusively(?) used in Japanese.

Finally, due to the writing style in Qualia, I intentionally didn’t include periods in the dialogue or narration, which apparently is grinding the gears of our QC at the moment. I’m willing to include periods in the dialogue if people complain, but I do like the way the narration is presented in English at the moment so I’m not sure I’d want to change that.

All that said, you know the drill, head to the sidebar in order to read the chapter. Just a note, though, since it’s PRETTY LATE for some of us, in particular my buddy who actually uploads the torrents (torrent’s up!) and deals with MF (MF link’s up!) and what not, those won’t be up til the morning, most likely. For now, Batoto is alo that’s avaible. Sorry for the inconvenience! That said, til next time. Cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 07 Released!

And here we go! First chapter of Volume 2, where the craziness supposedly starts! Anyway, to inform you of some changes, Qualia actually managed to get us our first… team extension, to call it that way? The (in)famous Moogy, owner of TLWiki and cool dude of all cool things about Japan, will be our main translator for Qualia starting next chapter. This happened because he’s read the novels and showed interest in helping us out, and since my buddy feels Moogy has a better grasp of Japanese, we decided to have it split this way, in order to deliver the highest possible quality to the readers. You’ll see from this chapter onwards how Qualia likes to be very, very complex regarding some… stuff, so yeah.

Also, that’s not all! Vodka, who’s helped us out in the past with MIX, will be joining in to clean and typeset Qualia, too. That means I’ll probably have it a bit easier instead of doing everything by my own, and he definitely has more experience with cleaning than I do, so it might also mean a slight increase in quality!

With that out of the way, you know the deal by now. Head to the sidebar on the right, pick your preferred way of reading the latest chapter and have fun! Cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 06 Released!

And here it is, the end of the 1st Volume! Now that I think about it, we’ve done over 200 pages in one month, that’s definitely a new record, and we’re happy with how much people have been enjoying Qualia (and MIX! New chapter coming up in a few days!). That said, this week’s chapter was pretty fun, and definitely had more of the typical standout Qualia moments.

One thing I’d like to take the chance to explain is that on page 9, the ‘saying’ Yukari quotes is actually taken from the Tetsujin 28-go’s Opening Theme. We weren’t sure if there were any official translations for that, but the meaning is as written in the chapter! Shows she knows her robots very well, given how much of a classic Tetsujin is!

Also, don’t miss out on the author’s comments at the end of the chapter, which our TLer made sure to have in English. He speaks about some interesting things, regarding characters’ names and what not!

With all that said, you know the drill. Sidebar on the right, pick your preferred way of reading it and have fun! We’ll try to have Chapter 7 out soon-ish, as it marks the start of Vol.2, where crazy things supposedly happen, if I am to believe my buddy! hahaha. Until then, cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 05 Released!

Here we go, chapter 5! Guess the whole making people wait a week or something for the follow-up thing didn’t happen after all (lol). Anyway, last chapter [4] had a fair amount of typos and we’re aware of it, so once we get 6 done, I’ll probably prepare a batch of the first volume with fixes and corrections applied! Also, due to that, we got one extra QCer (KamoDriver), so hopefully those pesky mistakes won’t happen nearly as often. This stuff gets done after a long day of work, and some things just passed us by when QC’ing.

That said, you know the drill. Head to the sidebar, pick your preferred way of reading it and enjoy! Cheers!

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