Qualia the Purple Chapter 04 (v2) Released!

After a quick break, here we are, back with more Qualia! I’m… not sure what to say about this chapter, and I guess it’d be a good idea to keep my mouth shut, hah. Just enjoy it! And… we’ll try to get 5 out fast. Hopefully?

Anyhow, you know the deal by now. Head to the sidebar on the right, pick your favourite way of reading it and enjoy! Til next time, cheers!

EDIT: v2 coming up because apparently no one can spell bicycle in this group. We’re sorry, once again.
EDIT2: Kay, links updated and v2 on Batoto and Nyaa and wherever else. I feel ashamed as a Pokemon Player, having Bicycle spelled wrong a couple times. Good grief!

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Qualia the Purple 03 v3

Breaking the norm here, here’s a v2. Basically, I messed up when fixing something on a page and replaced the wrong one, so you guys ended up with the same page twice, and with the little error still there! Talk about a bad end result. Anyhow, links on the sidebar have been fixed, and Batoto should be alright in a couple minutes, too. Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: More like v3. Fgbrt noticed two random balloons without text. Fixed.

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 03 Released!

And yet another one! We’re all really amazed at the positive response people had for this manga, lol. I’m liking it, but even our translator says he’s really not sure WHY people seem to like it this much just from the first chapters. According to him, Volume 2 is when stuff really gets awesome and unpredictable, so I’d say we’re all really happy for everyone’s reactions, lol. As for me, given my lack of japanese knowledge, count me in on the group that wants the translator to work asap!

Anyway, nothing much to note this chapter. I know we’ve been getting them out almost daily now, but this should slow down now, because the translator has to “get busy”, haha. Hopefully it won’t be too long til chap 4 gets done, though! Look forward to it, and don’t forget to head to the sidebar on the right in order to grab the latest chapter. Til next time. Cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 02 Released!

What is this madness? Already more Qualia? You bet! This came about in a twist of fate where my buddy decided to translate not one, but two chapters in the same day! 03 is still awaiting for editing and what not, so it might take a bit, but who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the weekend. Anyway, this came about to being after we saw how everyone over the Internet really enjoyed the first chapter. This includes our yuri lover bros at 4chan who were doubting our ability to deliver (lol). It’s surprising, and somewhat funny, to be honest, that Qualia 1 managed to pull almost the same number of people to our website than our most popular “day”, when MIX 11 and 12 came out one after the other. Unknown Tsunashima manga with lesbians rivaling one of the most famous mangaka of all time? You bet!

Anyhow, one particular user messaged us on Batoto saying Murasakiiro would be more akin to ‘Violet’ than ‘Purple’, and he does have a point there. However, we went with ‘Qualia the Purple’ because that’s how the authors ended up calling it. It’s certainly engrish-y, but hey, just like Attack on Titan, I’d say it has… its own charm, lol. But anyway, it was an interesting point, because Violet could definitely be seen as a ‘rarer’ shade of purple, which probably would fit well with how mesmerizing and uncommon Yukari’s eyes are.

Also, still about the title, “Qualia the Purple” is quite ENGRISHY as I said above. Qualia, for those of you who don’t know it, is basically a term used in philosophy that refers to inidividual instances of subjective, conscious experience. Or so Wiki says. Basically, think about it as a term that refers to how each thing seems to each individual. If we were to make an actual translation of the title, it’d be “Purple Qualia”, or, more accurately, “Violet Qualia”. I’m unsure if people think this warrants a v2 of the first two chapters myself, but hey, comment away? haha.

And enough talk! Head over to the sidebar, pick your preferred method of reading and enjoy more Qualia. Until next time, cheers!

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Qualia the Purple Chapter 01 Released!

I’m not even sure if you guys remember our promise to pick up another series made a ton of months ago, before the whole new job debacle, but here it is, finally! haha. Qualia the Purple, also known as Murasakiiro no Qualia, is a sci-fi story adapted from a light novel with the same name, written by Ueo Hisamitsu. The story revolves around a cute girl (always good!) named Marii Yukari who was a quite special peculiarity about her — she sees everyone else (including animals) besides her as robots! Even though she’s treated as a sort of mascot by her fellow classmates, there are definitely mysteries surrounding this weird situation!

So, yeah. The first chapter is pretty funny/cute, but from what my buddy who translates says, this is quite a crazy ride! The genres are mainly Sci-Fi, but it has some bit of shoujo-ai, too, so if you’re not into that, sorry! Nothing explicit so far, just regular romance you’d find in other manga, but between two girls. However, the focus is definitely the sci-fi aspect of it, so give it a look!

About this chapter, just one note. There’s one dialogue bit where Gaku talks about her family running a “Naginata Dojo”. If you, like me, don’t know what a Naginata is, please click here and let Wikipedia enlighten you!

Also, as you all know, I’m not really good with editing/typesetting. MAJOR thanks to powha, who helped us so much getting those spread pages redrawn in all of their glory! You rock, man!

Anyway, this one’s ongoing but it’s already way into its 3rd volume (it’ll probably have 4 total). We’re treating it as a pet project of sorts, so the releases might be a bit more sporadic. Adachi/MIX will still come out as soon as possible, just like every other month, and we’ll be releasing more Qualia from time to time!

With all that said, head to the side-bar and pick your preferred way of reading it as always (MediaFire’ll only be up tomorrow, sorry!). Hope you all enjoy it, and leave a comment with your impressions! Cheers!

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